Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ladies' Day Inspiration...

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With Ladies' Day fast approaching next weekend, I thought I'd throw together a little something that I think would be stylish and elegant for the event. Now I'm not saying I'm going myself, because I've never actually been to Ladies' Day, but having lived in the city where it takes place for three years, I can't really not do an inspiration post about it! To anyone who's going this year, I hope Spring will have finally turned up otherwise this maybe a tad too chilly!

Ladies Day Inspiration

Miss Selfridge Peach Frill Front Maxi Dress (£45) - I think this is a gorgeous dress for the occassion. I love the colour, I love the frills, I just love it. It's a maxi dress so at least if it's still a little bit chilly you're more covered up than say an LBD! Great dress not only for this occassion, but it'd be great to wear when the weather gets even warmer for all sorts of garden parties, weddings etc.

ALDO Lappas Wedges (£60) - For shoes I'd thought I'd pair the dress with some wedges mainly because no one wants to get their stiletto heel stuck in the mud! Weather in Liverpool can be quite wet so wedges are the way to go in my opinion. They are a bit pricey for shoes, but I've got a pair of ALDO wedges myself and they are honest to God so comfortable and holds my feet in place so well. Thumbs up from me!


Topshop Metal Layer Cuff (£13) - I'm keeping accessories and makeup quite simple and I thought this cuff would go quite nicely with the dress. Giving the dress a harsher cut with the metal rather than girly and stringy bracelets.

River Island Metal Cross and Skull Charm Rings (£10) - Again, breaking up the girly feel these rings are something different. The cross, spike and skull rings gives it a rock-chick feel, but I feel the wing ring balances it out nicely.

Accessorize Jessie Block Stripe Clutch (£29) - Well I can't really leave out monochrome could I! Bit pricey for a clutch, but it adds a bit of colour to the outfit I think when the rest is quite simple.

Hair and Make Up

Hair wise, again I'm keeping it simple. I love this braided updo because it's clean but a little bit messy at the same time and it's a young look that's fresh for the spring feeling. Now I haven't put any fake tan suggestions in because everyone is different about what fake tan works for them, but to be honest whether you are pale as a ghost or you want to slap on a hint of summer bronze, I think this will both work great for this look. I've also left out nail polish because I think anything neutral or pastel colours would go well with this look so it's totally up to you. Onto makeup!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (£30.50) - This foundation is super popular amongst a lot of the bloggers that I follow and I have personally tried Nars foundation before, but that was years ago and I can't really remember what it's like! But seeing as it's so loved by many out there, this has got to be the go to foundation for the spring dewy look. This sheer to medium coverage would be great for anyone with good skin or those with a few blemishes that need hiding.

Urban Decay Naked Palette (£36) - I don't really need to say anymore about this palette because you probably know everything about it! This palette literally is everything you need from a neutral brown smokey eye soft enough for the daytime and then you can crank up the smokey-ness for something in the nighttime. Super versatile, definitely need to invest in this sometime soon!

Topshop Lip Cream in Witty (£7) - Pretty pink lipgloss from Topshop. I would have gone for a pink lipstick, but I like the sheen of a gloss and I think it would suit the look better than something matte.

And that completes the look for Ladies' Day! I hope you like it and to be honest this look could be for anytime in the spring/summer. The dress and makeup aren't all that bold so it's good for many occasions and if you style it up with different accessories I'm sure it'll create so many different looks for every occasion.


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