Friday, 22 March 2013

Something new...

Hello my lovelies!

Life has been super busy this last week or so, so sorry blog has been a bit quiet. BUT, yesterday I made a naughty little purchase which I probably shouldn't have so slap on the hand for me! Now I'm a sucker for bags and so it's no surprise that my naughty purchase is a new bag!

Zara Office City Bag in Tan

My usual bag is actually an Ollie and Nic bag that I bought about two years ago, but I've used it so much the back piece of fabric that's in contact with my clothing is actually starting to become really worn. :( It's such a great bag though, fits absolutely everything including my 15' Macbook, and it's basically been everywhere with me whenever I've had to travel so I suppose it's had its time being a fabric bag... I've actually been looking at a new bag for a while, I carry so much stuff to uni that I need a big-ish bag just to fit everything! I know the Zara City bag is a current fave for lots of people out there  at the moment and the black version is sold out pretty much everywhere, so I went for the tan version instead. I actually don't mind it not being black. Because it's quite smart and sophisticated I like it being a different colour and it means I don't clash with my workwear clothes which can be boring and black! This bag is so hyped up at the moment and I totally agree with the love for this bag. It keeps my things organised, lots of zipped and open compartments AND it's got two padded sections for Ipads/tablets and laptops! Great for me because I carry my Ipad to most places and my laptop whenever I travel. Also loving the detachable shoulder strap because the handles are quite small to carry comfortably if I've put a lot of stuff in it. All in all, I'm loving my sneaky purchase and it's definitely going to be used all the time from now on (my poor other bags are going to get a bit neglected!).

Alas, no more shopping for me though :( I've spent more than I wanted on a bag so got to reign myself in! Hope you're all nice and warm away from the freezing temperatures (IN MARCH! Wtf??) and having a nice friday night!


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