Saturday, 23 March 2013

March: Can't Live Without?

Hello :)

Though I'd introduce a new set of blog posts that'll feature every month and that's something I can't live without that month. Well we're coming near to the end of March so I thought it's about the right time to feature this!

Marks and Spencers Ankle Boots

This month it's these little beauties. These are probably one of my most worn pair of shoes. I think I bought them last summer and I absolutely love them. They're not totally flat, with a tiny bit of heel and I love the little faux buckle feature on the side. These go with everything, skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings, shorts. EVERYTHING. Hehe. But yes I've been wearing these so much this past month, with the weather not being so cold (though saying that I'm freezing in my flat..) or when it's cold and rainy these aren't slippy and being leather they don't let the rain in. A good all round ankle boot. They're really comfortable too which is another plus. I remember them being quite costly being real leather and all, but I think it's totally worth the price when they're still in great condition after like 6 months of wear and I don't have a car so I literally walk everywhere be it 5 minutes or hours. 

Anyway hope you like the new set of posts that'll be up every month :) What's your favorite item this month? 


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