Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ohhh la la... Rouge Lips!


I've always been scared of lipstick. They're either too dry on my lips, or if I do find a formula I like, I don't buy the colour I like. Don't get me wrong, I swatch on the back of my hand, but I never put testers on my lips because well... who knows how many icky germs I'll pick up from other people's mouths! For some reason this year I've been embracing and braving(!) a bold lip colour and I've been experimenting with reds. Now I only have three but I thought I'd share them with you :)

Left to right:
Maybelline ColorSensational in 547, Pleasure Me Red
Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition in 13
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour in 1, Queen of Hearts
Strangely I've photographed these in the order that I like them. Subconscious thinking there! 

Maybelline ColorSensational in 547 - The Maybelline is actually my favorite out of the three, it's a blue toned red, which is perfect for me because I have pale yellow skin, though I look white there... And the blue undertones means it's not too bright for my liking. It's also not too drying and lasts a long while when used with Lipcote. I had this combo on the other night when I went out and it lasted through dinner and several rounds of drinks before I had to touch up! 

Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition in 13 - Second in the running the Bourjois Rouge Edition. It's a more orange red colour, which I don't think you can see all that well in the photo (sorry guys :( ) This one is slowly creeping up the likeness scale, especially the last couple of days the sun's out and it's time for some brighter lippies! Again it's sheen finish and not drying so it's a nice little number. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour in 1 - Lastly is this browny orangey red. This is probably the first red lipstick I've bought. I wanted to start cheap and so got this one.. I don't particularly like this very much. It's a nice colour but I find it quite drying so rarely wear it. 

So there's my three rouge buys. What's your favorite reds and when do you wear it? I still think I'm too scared to wear red during the daytime....


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