Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The end of an eventful 2012!

Hello! Welcome Welcome :)

My first blog post happens to coincide in the last month of 2012 (D: gosh I know, where did the year go right?), so I think the best thing to do is a recap of the year!

Let's see... firstly, I never thought I'd get through final year at uni and actually GRADUATE, but hey look I'm doing a Masters now. But ok, lets move onto the big events. 

1) The Queen's Diamon Jubilee (yaaay..?)
I didn't really do much for this day, but I knew many people donned the patriotic hats  and did all sorts for the occasion. I should have baked some cakes but of course uni kept me busy as always. Did you do anything for the occasion?

2) The Infamous Royal Wedding
I don't really care much about the royal family, it's basically why dwell on their (pretty) clothes when I don't have money to buy nice expensive clothes!! Haha, bit selfish I know, but no point wasting time dwelling on things you can't have. Work hard and one day you can have all the pretty things you've always wanted. The best thing about this day was the extra bank holiday! Yaayy. Also it really peeved me off seeing those paper masks you can get in the shops of famous faces. Wtf? I think they just look creepy...

3) I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biochemistry
Woohoo! :):) I never thought these 3 years would end. But I put on my cap and gown and walked down the aisle of the cathedral and came out a GRADUATE. 

4) I got engaged!! :o
Yep, my amazing fiance popped the question whilst we were out having my graduation meal at the fancy london restaurant, the Mango Tree. Have you ever been there? We weren't that amazed, thought the food was too overpriced for what it was... But yes, it was so unexpected and I am so happy! :D We've been together for just over 4 years now, and well, I'm just a happy happy girl. :)

5) London 2012 Olympics
Since when we first help we won the bid to host the Olympic games, I never thought the time would come for it to actually happen. Now it's been and gone! Gosh. UK had a brilliant time and I was certainly very glad to not have to be up at odd hours in the day to watch the events that I liked! Though I have to say, the stupid amounts of advertising that happened beforehand was getting a bit ridiculous and annoying.. AND the fact that they opened the world's biggest McDonalds in the Olympic park, I just think is disgraceful! Tut tut GB. Is it bad I'm already looking forward to the Winter Olympics? It's not on till 2014...

6) Smelly nappies and non-stop crying
No, I am not pregnant. Farr too young for that. I do mean congratulations to Kate and Prince William! Yes I don't really care about this either, but it's all over the news and it should be considered a somewhat big event of 2012 no? 

And so we've come to December. It's bloody freezing and I can't wait for warm weather to return (if it ever does!). But hey ho, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a white Christmas! :):) Also going to see THE HOBBIT: Part I next week! Eeeee so excited! :)

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